How To Fix Dry Hair In The Winter

Dec 22nd 2020

We all love admirable and beautiful locks and tresses. However, certain out of control factors can affect the way our hair feels and looks. If you have lived in harsh winter conditions, then you probably have experienced the kind of negative toll the winter weather can take on your hair.

No hair texture is immune to the harshness of the winter weather. Your hair needs to be protected and defended from the whipping cold, fiery winds and cool arctic blasts that accompany the winter. Taking proper care of your hair in the winter will ensure that you have gorgeous tresses to showcase in springtime.

Here are a few short and quick tips to get your hair popping in the winter.

● Suck up on Vitamins

Certain vitamins like biotin, Vitamins A, C, and mineral iron can contribute to making your hair look healthy, soft, and beautiful. Everything about our bodies need to be taken care of on the inside and outside, and the hair isn't an exception.

Modern research doesn't really support the sole use of biotin, however they are still popularly used for hair health. Prenatal vitamins and supplements are also used for hairs. Marine protein supplements have also been proven to make hair look healthy, lovely and beautiful.

So just pop up lots of relevant vitamins during the winter!

● Washing

A lot of people don't know this, but it's not right to overwash your hair. Over washing your hair strips it of it's essential oils and ingredients that are instrumental in keeping your hair moisturized. In the winter, these oils are necessary and must not be washed out no matter what. If it happens, then this is the beginning of brittleness and long term dryness. Dual contributing factors to hair breakage and damage.

Space out time between washes. Just like skincare needs a routine, so does your hair. Try washing every three days as opposed to everyday. Use a good shampoo like African Pride's Olive Miracle.

● Moisturize

Moisturizing is the king of the game when it comes to winter hair care. Leave in conditioners should be friends with your hair, as they can help fight off the dryness that comes with the windiness of winter. Static hair is usually common during the winter, but moisturizing serves as a defense and protective mechanism due to it's powers of hydration.

Moisturizing is also effective against dry itchy scalp caused from indoor heating during the winter.

Don't forget to use the African Pride for effective moisturizing.

● Be Dedicated to a Routine

Why not find good haircare products and use as a mask in the evenings? Coating your hair in a hair mask has good hydrating benefits, and they come in handy if you want beautiful and healthy hair in the winter. It can be done once a week as long as you are committed andconsistent. A good hair mask can excellently and significantly alter a winter damaged hair, by reversing all bad elements under short time frames.

Of course as a part of your hair mask, we recommend our functional and game changing product - African's Pride Olive Miracle. Its benefits include:

● Moisturizing and detangling

● Revitalization and repairs

● Cleans and rejuvenates dry hair

● Restoration of natural hair shine

● Can serve as a conditioner

It is organically made from the finest African herbs with love.